Mason Bee

  • Free VPN with OpenVPN, Kubuntu and ProtonVPN setup

    To do this you are going to need a Protonmail or ProtonVPN account (the accounts are bridged so having one is having the other) and Kubuntu installed. I am using 18.04 but it should work on any Debian based KDE distribution. RPM based distros will require changing a couple of commands but I will leave […]

  • Smokers Party

    I don’t know what it is like in other parts of the world but in New Zealand smokers are getting shafted by constant price rises that are supposed to stop people smoking. For instance the Ministry of Health says “About 600,000 adults (15.7%) were current smokers, down from 20.1% in 2006/07.” which pretty much means […]

  • Free Speech website

    Possibly this could be called the organised rant idea. Basically it’s a website where people could write speeches that they think should have been made. These speeches could be fictional or based on real ones. It might be a speech from the Prime Minister earlier that day but with what you wanted her to say […]

  • Disable AnyDesk from starting up in Kubuntu 18.04

    I recently downloaded and installed AnyDesk but it has been annoying me that it automatically starts up on boot. I went to Startup and Shutdown in the System Settings and it wasn’t listed there and it wasn’t until I searched for the process that I realised it runs as a root process as well. Luckily […]

  • Dolphin fails to see shares in Kubuntu 18.04

    I have both a Windows 10 machine and a NAS on my network and even with Samba installed I haven’t been able to see shares on the network without entering the address manually (eg; smb:// Turns out there is an easy fix in the Ubuntu forums that works for Kubuntu as well. You simply install […]

  • Ban Trump plugin

    In a lot of ways the title says it all. Whether you love him or hate him Donald trump has been spectacularly successful at getting himself in the media. In fact the media have focused on him so much that they have failed to focus on other important things. The ban Trump plugin would work […]

  • KDE Neon 18.04

    Weirdly I have found myself back on KDE Neon having spent quite a lot of time using the Gnome environment in various distributions. And I like Gnome, except for the side dock which I then moved to the bottom with Dash to Dock and the applications menu which I hid. Then I found an extension […]

  • Star projector that tells stories

    Wouldn’t it be cool to not only learn about the stars as a child but to learn the mythology and stories intertwined with them. Imagine going to bed and hearing how Kupe navigated to New Zealand. Watching the stars come together in a story as someone narrates the tale. It could even gently get quieter […]

  • CISSP – Access Control – Authentication

    We want to provide Access Control to networks. Subjects and Objects The network should be thought of as being made of subjects and objects. A subject is the person or device accessing something from an object. For instance a computer run by me requests a video on a NAS. I am the subject, the NAS […]

  • Gamify Te Araroa

    One of the problems that people have when they are setting out on a long distance hike such as Te Araroa is that they don’t know what to expect. What should they pack, what sort of decisions will they have to make. This is especially important when people are new to a country or new […]