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1056 Zero Day and Taupo

masonbee Te Araroa

Incredibly foggy in Taumarunui this morning. Probably didn't lift until 8:30am. Just to mix things up I decided to hire a car and go up to Taupo to track down Grandpa's grave and have some KFC with him.

Some things went well and some things didn't.

I managed to pick up Ken who had fallen down a bank and got a stick in the eye. There was some bruising. He didn't need to go to hospital though. We also picked up his resupply box. I haven't done any resupply boxes so that was quite interesting.

The council in Taupo were extremely helpful and gave me a map to Grandpa's grave. He and Flora are well looked after in the RSA section.

On the unwell side my navigational skill in the central north island are shady at best and I ended up driving a full circuit of Lake Taupo. Also, I got his name wrong calling him Jack instead of John and by this time I was a bit flustered so I forgot the KFC. I hang my head in shame....

I did manage to visit Huka Falls for Danny though, and we booked our trip down the Whanganui so the day wasn't a complete write off.

Dad told me Abby died. Very sad.


  • Taumarunui is divided by railway tracks into rich and poor.
  • McDonalds consistently has the best WiFi.
  • Don't forget the KFC.

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