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1165 - 1201 Ranganui

masonbee Te Araroa

Luckily the weather had improved so we only got rained on a couple of times and mostly in the morning.

The walking began with a a metal roads out the back of National Park and up to the Fisher Track.

One of the benefits of being on the central plateau is that almost everything is down hill and thus the Fisher Track was a long downhill breeze.

We had lunch by the side of the road and talked to a farmer who was moving some sheep. Although this place is only 5hrs walk from National Park, I think it might be the same by car. It seems a long way from anywhere.

There was all a memorial to the men and horses lost in the Wars. The men's was a broken pillar to signify the shortened lives and the horse was made from horseshoes.

The last 10kms of the day consisted of the usual looking for a campsite. We disagreed on all of them until eventually we camped in a quarry. Looking forward to the cafe at Whakahoro.


  • Camping across the road from the horse is fairly common.
  • The last decent campsite before Whakahoro is a gully on the left with a waterfall in it and some fruit trees. Somewhere on Oio Road.

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