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1243 - 1265 Tieke Kainga Hut

masonbee Te Araroa

The river started out in the same style with vast green canyons and continued in this manner until after the Bridge to Nowhere.

We walked up to the Bridge to Nowhere. It is indeed a bridge in the middle of nowhere. It reminds me of Moeawatea. Same situation. After the war they gave people land that was useless. They tried for years to make it work and then had to abandon it. Nice country to visit. Bad country to live.

Goats are common on the steep banks. Sometimes it is so steep I can't figure out how they get there.

Lunch was on the side of the river on a bank made of the world's most perfect river skipping stones and finding occasional fossils. I think 14 was the most skips i saw but it might have got higher.

It's sort of hard to talk about the journey as much of it is the same but it is nice. It is also very tiring to paddle for so long, but at the same time not paddling is boring.


  • The river was quite high when we did it but our travel times where very fast.
  • There was a lot of alcohol outside the Marae.
  • There is always one group of campers who yell all night.

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