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1325 - 1370 Wanganui 

masonbee Te Araroa

There is a thing that happens where before bed we all agree that we can sleep in the next morning but at 5:30am someone wakes up and deflates their mattress and then the race to the start of the day begins....In fact in general you could say we aren't very good at following plans.

Today's plan involved a relaxing paddle down the river to catch the tide and end up in Whanganui. The actuality was going to fast, preempting the tide, and then paddling against it for 3 hours or so.

We got there in the end. And then we got to the liquor store. The rest of the evening was quite nice. There was a small earthquake. All the birds stopped and the Wanganui moved strangely. We made a fire and then sat around talking till the late hours.

I spent a good part of the evening trying to convince a French girl to go to the Police. She had been woofing upriver and the man she was woofing for had got more and more touchy and feely and then had tried to kiss her. She said a couple of the other girls there had had the same thing happen but it had never gone further. I thought she should give the cops a heads up in case it did.


  • Don't paddle against the tide when trying to get to Whanganui.
  • Lugging barrels of luggage up and down river banks is no fun.
  • Some canoes are better than others.
  • That nice bank you want to pull up on for lunch is probably knee deep river silt.


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