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1476 - 1510 Kahuterawa Stream

masonbee Te Araroa

Leaving Palmerston North was a slightly convoluted process. In my case due to a lack of sleep and quite a bit of hangover. Quite a bit of hangover.

Eventually though, we made it to the foothills of the Tararuas and followed a long metal road up to the mountain biking park. In one of those things, that seems to happen quite often, we stopped for lunch one corner before a lunch table.

After that it was down through a pine forest. through a long valley. Then up and over to the start of Burttons Track and down to the Kahuterawa Stream where we made camp. It was a very long day but we are trying to make up distance as Luke has to meet his girlfriend in Wellington.

He is talking about getting early in the morning to make sure he can get to Levin on time. Silvan and I are going to keep going at our own pace. Ken got ahead of us today and we haven't seen him since.


  • Walk hungover isn't much fun.
  • The trail out of Palmerston North is a little convoluted.
  • There is always a better place to have lunch around the corner.

Kahuterawa Stream Map

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