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1510 - 1534 Makahika

masonbee Te Araroa

It was raining when we woke up this morning and Luke left early as he had 40kms to go to get to Levin and catch a bus to Wellington to meet his girlfriend. Ken walked on ahead yesterday and we never caught up with him so it is unlikely we will see him again this side of the Tararuas or possibly Wellington I suppose.

I guess you could say 'the fellowship is broken' leaving only me (Sam wise Gamgee) and Mr Frodo (played by Silvan).

It rained mildly most of the morning as we made our way down Burttons Track and past where his whare used to be.

I'm not really sure whether Burtton is famous for living up here by himself, building the track, dragging himself along the track after breaking his leg, or feeding his dogs before he left. Perhaps it is a mixture of all of them. He died anyway (Somebody probably shot the dogs then. No-one seems to have thought of that.).

All in all it took a lot longer to get to Makahika than we thought it would probably due to mud and frequent stops. Cest la vie. We are heading into the major part of the ranges tomorrow so it will probably be just as slow. Note that I now think of only walking 24km in a day as slow. :)


  • There is a decent campground near the end of the track.

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