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153 - 173 Apple Tree Camp

masonbee Te Araroa

Everything looks better in the morning. Getting out of where we were wasn't easy but at least we could see now and weren't so tired.

There were a lot of dogs at the farm house. About 10 of them. Luckily the owner was home. After that we walked down Makene Road until we got to a Trampers Camping spot at the bottom where we filled up on water.

The road to Mangamuka Bridge was hot and busy. At one point a drunk home owner invited us in fro a drink. I was very tempted.

Maybe 3 hours later we were at the Mangamuka Bridge dairy and I was scoffing a pie and downing a couple of Lifts. Not feeling much better but today is a short day as we only have to reach Apple Tree Camp which we did at about 2pm.

It is nice and has water. Our lives revolve around water.


  • There is a trampers camp near the bottom of Makene Road. You can easily filter water out of the stream there.
  • The Mangamuka Bridge dairy is a great place to stay for lunch. They also have some accommodation I think.
  • Apple Tree Camp isn't the greatest when it is raining as the water comes down the drive. Try and grab the top spot.
  • Due to rain people try and walk the road around Puketi to Kerikeri. It's supposedly a horrible walk. If you can't wait then hitch.....or you can go halfway round and try coming back up the Lower Waipapa River Track.

Apple Tree Camp Map

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