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1535 - 1542 Levin

masonbee Te Araroa

Utterly beautiful morning. Stayed last night in a nice unmarked campground at the end of Burttons Track. Scott and Mandy were also there.

Got up early and managed to get to the start of the Tararuas Track in good time and sat down to have something to eat and check the weather reports before starting which turned out to be and good idea as the weather wasn't looking the best.

Thought we would risk it and walked another 200m and then sat down and did a rethink and decided to head into Levin to get more food and wait it out. I think this is the first time I have backed because of the weather. It is a strange feeling but having looked at our food and the reports it didn't really leave us any leeway for the weather getting worse so off to Levin we went.

Just to make it worse the first day we were in Levin the weather really was spectacular. Bugger.

Two days later the weather still isn't good in the foreseeable future so we are skipping the Tararuas and going to start the walk to Wellington and then come back. At least this way we will be moving.


  • Sometimes even when the weather looks good you have to bail.
  • Sometimes you would have made it.
  • Levin is nice, not hard to get to, and a good resupply.

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