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1611 - 1631 Paekakariki

masonbee Te Araroa

Sometimes you just have fantastic day and today is one of those. The walk to Paekakariki was great.

Having skipped the Tararuas, due to the weather, Silvan and I picked up the track at Waikanae. Good track too. Following the Waikanae River the track wound down to the Otaihanga scenic reserve and then out to the coast where we could not only see Kapiti Island in all its glory but also the South Island.

It's amazing how the simple sight of it makes me feel like I am actually getting somewhere more than all the numbers on the maps.

Half way down the beach I met a woman who was section hiking Te Araroa with her walking group. She was pretty cool.

From there we wandered down the beach and then, just as the tide was getting to full, back into the sand dunes until reaching Paekakariki.


  • Still sad about missing the Tararuas.
  • The walk down the beach wouldn't be much fun at high tide.
  • The shops are at the other end of Paekakariki  from the campground.
  • The campground is quite nice.

Paekakariki Map

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