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1631 - 1657 Porirua

masonbee Te Araroa

Today started out well but ended up a little wet and expensive by the time we got to Porirua.

From Paekakariki we went up the Paekakariki Enscarpment in stunning weather and followed it around the coast until reaching Pukerua where we turned sharply left an towards Porirua, wind, and rain. It was almost like the weather was changing as we got closer to Wellington.

We decided not to stay at the first place in the notes and kept walking through the adventure park as we wanted to make better time. Unfortunately most of it was road walking and in the rain.

To make matters worse when we arrived at Porirua there were no spaces left at Camp Elsdon so we ended up in a rather more expensive motel. Also, I forgot to nick some salt and pepper sachets......


  • Sometimes the first place is the best place.
  • Pukerua onwards would be a nice walk without the rain.
  • I think the reason weather is so strange from the Tararuas down is that it hits the top of the South Island and then gets messy.
  • Always nick the salt and pepper satchels...there was coffee too :(

Porirua Map

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