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1657 - 1690 Wellington

masonbee Te Araroa

Leaving Porirua the first thing you climb up on the way to Wellington is called Colonial Knob. I'm not sure who named but I like to think they had a sense of humour.

From there we dropped down into the Ohariu Valley and then up Old Coach Road to the top of Mt Kaukauna where we got our first decent views of Wellington.

It should be said that contrary to the previous days weather Wellington was blue skies and not insane winds.

Also there were about thirty large scale windmills on the next ridgeline between us and the sea.

We dropped down into Wellington shortly afterwards and started trying to navigate through the city using the GPS and TA markers which proved to be impossible so by the time we reached the botanic gardens so we just sort of made it up and caught the tram down to the city so we could walk straight to the YHA.


  • Sometimes you don't realise how fit you are. We chugged up Colonial Knob passing league players who were puffing and stopping.
  • It's actually a really nice way to go to Wellington.
  • You can cheat at the top of the Botanical Gardens and get an old tram down.
  • The YHA is fantastic with free WIFI, supermarket across the road and friendly staff. We stayed for two weeks in the end.
  • The waterfront is great, In fact everywhere we went was good.

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