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1690 - 1702 Island Bay

masonbee Te Araroa

As I said yesterday navigating via the TA markers and the GPS is excruciating but we tried our best until we were almost at Island Bay and then just made it up. Strangely we passed an old zoo enclosure on the way.

Island Bay is the official end of the TA in the North Island so the next things to do are sort out our resupplies for the South, be a tourist, and catch a ferry.

Dad turned up today so tomorrow we are going to go to Te Papa and then the day after that I think I will go to Weta Studios.

Although I would like to go back and complete the Tararuas the weather is still pretty crappy and neither Silvan or I see the sense in wandering round in the wind and rain just so we can say we did it.


  • Wellington has a couple of good outdoor stores.
  • A lot of things weren't open over the Christmas period.
  • It's a good place to send your resupply boxes from but if you can hold onto them until Picton as then it is cheaper postage.
  • Don't buy two months of dehydrated food. You will get sick of it.
  • Weta Studios tour was OK but a little run down. I think they are upgrading it.
  • Silvan and I hired a car and drove to the¬†Putangirua Pinnacles. I was worth it.
  • If tickets on the ferry are hard to get or expensive try buying one from the Naked bus company.

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