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1727 - 1744 Black Rock Camp

masonbee Te Araroa

This morning started out cloudy, which made for great walking, for the first couple of hours and then it started to rain.

Luckily we didn't have far to go to get to camp. I suppose we could have gone further but what's the use. It is far nicer to be able to dither along stopping at the lookouts and still get to camp by 2:30PM.

In other news I appear to have a fantastically sensitive arse with the ability to detect earthquakes that no one else feels. I have been checking Geonet each time and it appears I can pick up anything over a 4 within 300kms. Investigations will continue.

Black Rock Camp has also turned into a music festival outside my tent due to the tunes of three woman calling themselves something along the lines of the Tahini Trio. They started off with no instruments so I gave them the tin whistle  I bought in Levin (and had failed to play) and within a quarter of an hour they were playing Rhianna on it.

The only interruption to this was Adele getting her dinner stolen by wekas (they poked a hole in her tent) and then her ground sheet was taken by the same thieving crew. All the scrub is littered with the remains of their bounty.

The new dietary regime is going well with the only hiccup being that I turned my dehydrated apricot crumble into soup this morning. I am sure my rehydrating methods will improve as I bought a months worth of Backcountry Cuisine in Wellington and posted it to appropriate locations.


  • Beware Weka's.
  • Beware Weka's.

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