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173 - 198 Puketi Recreational Park

masonbee Te Araroa

Up before dawn this morning in order to get through the flood prone Mangapukahukahu Gorge before rain was forecast to hit at 1pm.

The Gorge was easy. Just 2.5kms of crossing gravel beds and not falling in deep pools. At the end there was a short trip to a better crossing of the main river and then upward.

I had only intended, originally, to go halfway through the Puketi Forest but we made such good time that we just kept on going.

The problem with massive stands of Kauri is that you can't photograph them. You either get the base or the top but never both. About half way up the hill I was sweating and puffing when Josie came bouncing past me not even looking out of breath.

It was very nice anyway. Probably the nicest place I have been so far. I'll leave it at that.


  • The trail is easier to follow than it makes out. There was something about a turn off by a forestry sled but I never saw that and still ended up in the right place.
  • The little campsite in the middle was very nice. I should have stayed there.
  • The showers at Puketi Recreation Park are incredibly cold.

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