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1744 - 1773 Smiths Farm

masonbee Te Araroa

Continued on our very relaxing walk with a 7:45AM start. From Black Rock Camp, on the last day of the Queen Charlotte track, we were supposed to finish the day at Anakiwa but continued to Smiths Farm.

The weather had changed back to sunshine, my pack felt very light, and the only slight downer about the whole thing was the amount of cyclists we had to watch out for.

At Jacks Bay we stopped for a rest and a Frisbee landed at my feet shortly followed by a man who looked at me strangely and then asked me if he knew me. The conversation went somewhat like this.

"Do I know you?"

"No. Unless you know me from the Barrier."

"This is amazing. You look exactly like a guy I know in Christchurch except he has a birthmark on the side of his face."

"Does he owe you money?"

" Hey! Where has my Frisbee gone."

"Oh, a guy picked it up. I assumed he was a friend of yours."

"Where did he go?"

"Up there and to the left"

"That bastard stole my Frisbee. I'll get him!"

At which point he ran off into the bush after the Frisbee thief.

Anyway, Anakiwa was out of accommodation so we mostly walked to Smiths Farm campground which is very nice and they gave us a hot muffin and a glass of cold water to seal the deal.


  • If you are staying at Anikawa you should prebook.
  • Smiths Farm is nice.
  • There is a small service station not far down the road from Smiths farm where you can get coffee as you start off the next morning.

Smiths Farm Map

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