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1773 - 1787 Havelock

masonbee Te Araroa

Easy day. Walked round from Smiths Farm to Havelock following a reasonably new trail that had been featured on Maori TV on "Tales from the trail". Along the way we met one of the guys who created it.

Havelock is nice and touts itself as the mussel capital of New Zealand. The mussels are rather good. I may have eaten quite a few of them today at the MusselPot. They are also quite expensive. The pies are good though.

Tomorrow is the start of the journey up in the Richmond Ranges. We have our food package. The weather looks reasonable. What could possibly go wrong? :)


  • Havelock has a big enough Four Square for resupply.
  • New Years is rather quiet here. We ended up coming back from Karaoke and having a cup of tea at midnight.
  • I was already starting to go off Back-country cuisine.
  • You can get money out at the Four Square.

Havelock Map

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