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1835 - 1850 Browning Hut

masonbee Te Araroa

The 700m climb was easier than expected and we arrived at Rocks Hut at around 10:30am for a cup of tea and then off toward Browning Hut.

Giant boulders are littered in the forest which was rather nice. But the biggest surprise of all was the utter destruction along the ridge line. Massive trees have simply been pushed over. Hundreds of them. The track winds it's way through chainsawed trunks and debris.  It must have been an incredible wind.

Later on it began to rain which didn't fill use with hope. Lunch was had hunched under a fallen tree with water running around our feet.

Having arrived at Browning  Hut the sun has decided to come out so I think the rest of the day will be spent drying things. Did I mention it was raining?

When we arrived at the hut people were there but they were going to continue onto Hacket Hut so we thought we might have lucked out and had the place to ourselves. As per usual though, some hunters from Christchurch turned up just before dark, lit a fire and talked into the night.


  • Rocks Hut has proper toilets!
  • I was glad we didn't continue to Hacket Hut. It was a while on (It looks close on the map) and full of people.
  • I sleep outside as I snore. This usually gives you peace from hut life as well.

Browning Hut Map

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