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1850 - 1864 Slaty Hut

masonbee Te Araroa

We began our day by walking to Hacket Hut which was only an hour off and then up Hacket Creek to what was supposed to be Pyramid Rock on our way to Slaty Hut.

I have no idea whether it is (a pyramid) or not as I never found it. One gps check I was halfway to Pyramid Rock and the next one I was halfway past it on the way to Starveall Hut.

Mr Frodo was suffering from some sort of gastric complaint which looked painful. Didn't stop him though.

Starveall Hut lies just at the top of the treeline on Mt Starveall and was a good little six bunk hut. If I have my directions right, the view from there was across Nelson to the hills before Takaka.

Speaking of views, it was hard to walk with any speed due to them. At the top of Mt Starveall we could look ahead along the Richmond Ranges, left down a long forested valley that possibly meets the Pelorus Valley, or backwards towards Nelson and Motueka.

From there it was only a 1.5hr walk to our 'hut du jour' Slaty Hut.

It's a great hut but there were some design problems. The chimney is too short and on the side of the roof that the water is collected off. This means all your water tastes somewhat like Laphroaig. Added to this the tap on the tank was broken so getting water was a slight mission.


  • Some people can walk through pain (I can't, Mr Frodo can).
  • Don't burn rubbish in the hut fire places.
  • Starveall Hut is very nice, if small.

Slaty Hut Map

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