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1878 - 1893 Mid-Wairoa Hut

masonbee Te Araroa

Sore knees. So much downhill. And downhill has definitely been the mantra of the day. We have probably come down around a 1000m over the course of the day.

After leaving Rintoul Hut we climbed a small amount to Purple Top before starting a long descent to Tarn Hut, a nice little hut near a small lake (I take it that it dries out in summer). It was a nice place to stop for lunch and charge the phones with Silvans solar panel.

After that we continued our descent to Mid-Wairoa Hut which, although slightly shabby, has a certain charm to it. There is a little path that leads down to the river. Too cold for me to swim but I managed to have a quick wash.

I can't say I like going downhill, especially for extended periods of time. My knees get sore and occasionally I slip over (Twice today.). Luckily tomorrow is mostly uphill although it does seem to have multiple river crossings. My other nemesis.....


  • Downhill is harder for me than uphill.
  • Tarn Hut is nicer than Mid-Wairoa Hut but Mid-Wairoa Hut has better water.
  • If you need to bail then there is a road about 10kms downstream from the hut.

Mid-Wairoa Hut Map

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