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1945 - 1969 John Tait Hut

masonbee Te Araroa

Rain isn't the best way to start a days walk but in this case I had to deal with it as I had to catch up with Mr Frodo at John Tait Hut.

It wasn't even very hard until I got to Lakehead Hut. Quite nice in fact with the clouds obscuring and revealing different parts of the landscape.

Once past Lakehead Hut though it began to rain in a slightly steadier manner making the Travers River rise and some of the side streams more interesting to cross. I think if it had only been a little harder then then track would have become impassable as there was only another foot of riverbank to go before some serious flooding started.

Of course the rain stopped as I got nearer the hut. Typical.

So here I am. In fear of catching the ongoing Norovirus outbreak and listening to the still roaring river from my tent.


  • This whole area is really nice for hiking. Lots of TA walkers went on little side trips.
  • Not good is winter, avalanche warning signs everywhere (including at the hut).
  • The entire Norovirus outbreak was attributed to one family. They tracked them up into Abel Tasman. Wash your hands.
  • Thank you to the volunteers from Nelson region who banded together to clean the huts with disinfectant.

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