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198 - 224 Kerikeri

masonbee Te Araroa

Poor campers. I tried to camp away from everybody so they wouldn't be disturbed either by my snoring or early pack up but loads of people turned up at 6pm and camped right around me....typical.

So off at dawn we went over gravel roads and farmland, polluted waterways and under bridges until joining up with the Kerikeri River and down to Rainbow Falls.

Rainbow Falls is very picturesque. But its beauty was slightly marred by having come down some of the gritty polluted waterways of its tributaries. Note to others; Do not swim in the Kerikeri River.

Unfortunately the path past the Falls was closed for track upgrades due to Kauri die back so I had to make a detour around. There are some seriously nice houses in Kerikeri. In fact the whole place is quite nice.

Eventually I rolled into the Stone Store gasping,"Pies! Lift!" . Only to be greeted by some weirdly dressed young woman with a fake old age New Zealand accent. I mean really, did the original owners really sound like they went an English boarding school...maybe they did. Maybe she just had a speech impediment? I have, horribly, made that mistake before.

Anyway, having ascertained that they sold no store items of any use to me, and flustering her enough that she was slipping in and out of character, I went and found a real store.

Now I am at Top Ten....something and it is very nice. I bought some wine and cheese to celebrate plus 200kms and will rest for a couple of days.


  • The trail was easy to follow except at one point I headed off towards a cell tower which wasn't the right way.
  • Kerikeri is great for resupply and a rest.
  • Top Ten Holiday park was good and the owner will give you a lift back to the trail-head (I don't think I paid him anything. I am sure I offered).

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