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2019 - A Retrospective

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2019 has seemed very short from this end of it so I thought I would look back and share a little of what has happened over the past year as it has actually been a pretty amazing year.

My first post of the year didn't actually happen until March with the aptly entitled post, "Buying a Linux laptop in Europe" which came out of my desire to do just that. It worked out well. I was very impressed with Novacustom and am writing on that laptop now.

After that followed a String of posts about Linux and Linux related software. At the time I was heavily into KDE neon and it shows with 24 posts mostly related to KDE neon being published in the first few weeks of March. It has been quite surprising, to me at least, which posts have been the most popular. Out of that period,

All became some of the most visited pages on Mason Bee.

Unfortunately, at the same time I had an argument with Suzie Dawson, the President of the Internet Party. This was the second argument we had had because of the lack of progress and carried on from the one six months before hand which ended with,

Right. Somewhere in my enbriated state last night I decided Suzie is right. We are both spending a lot of time arguing and getting no where. We have stated our points of view/cases and the best way to solve this, to me, is just to wait it out and see what happens……Either way, good luck people.

Conversations with the executive

It became obvious in this years argument that not only was no progress being made in defending New Zealand but that the Executive was blanket ignoring New Zealand and breaching the Party Constitution. So, I started looking at Suzie Dawson and what I found was incredible. Basically, just about everything she had said about herself appeared to be bullshit. On the back of this realisation I wrote,

And then got on with my life. Writing more about Linux, software, my French studies and ideas but a strange thing happened. It turned out there were more people who had looked at Suzie Dawson's supposed past and decided she was a bullshit artist and in researching her I was discovering all sorts of other people who had had the same problems with her as myself. In March and roughly fifty posts later Suzie Dawson completely flipped and tried to use New Zealands Harmful Digital Communications Act (2015) to get me to remove statements from my website and to stop me writing about her in the future.

This put us into a process of mediation where she pointed out the things I had written that had caused her serious emotional distress and I gave the evidence for my beliefs and decided whether I wanted to take it to court. Eventually out of ten points she contended I changed one (the amount of people in the executive) and prepared to go to court on the others. Having seen my rebuttal and preparedness to go through the courts Suzie Dawson had a sudden change of tactics and dropped the complaint like a hot potato.

This did lead to my favourite quote of 2019 though. When trying to say that my post was seriously emotionally harmful she contested the amount that I had estimated she had gained in donations using Internet Party New Zealand's colours, styles and title. She said,

A review of the totals received via my personal donations channel show that contributions are sporadic, minimal and the total I have received is exponentially less than subsistence level.

Suzie Dawson

After carefully working out the average of bitcoin, the amount was roughly $59,000. :)

But the year powered on and I wasn't actually able to write my article on her actions until after the process was over. Essentially, her lawfare worked temporarily as I had to stop and concentrate on the mediation instead of finding out all the other stuff that i found out later in the year.

Two months and sixty-nine posts later I published,"Suzie Dawson and the Whistle-blower", did a walk through Pyrenees and continued my studies.

  1. Haute Route Pyrenees (HRP) – Gear List
  2. Paris to St Jean Pied de Port
  3. Pyrenees High Route section hike: Day 1
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  15. Pyrenees High Route section hike: Day 13

And then I met some more people that were suspicious of Suzie Dawson. This time on Twitter and with the information each of us had added to the others things looked even worse than they had initially. Essentially all her requests for donations, including those using her children, were done after selling a house for $780,000. At the same time she had started a new donation scheme called 1vs5i and this led to the post,"1vs5i – Show me the money!" where we started adding up how much money there was evidence of her receiving.

At the same time I was becoming more and more involved in the Julian Assange support movement on Twitter which has got to be one of the more dysfunctional movements I have ever seem. Perhaps it is the medium but it has become more and more clear as time has gone on that it is the management. There is always a new trauma, forgotten about a week later, and some of the "leaders" gate-keeping and attacking supporters isn't helping. It's a fiasco.

Twitter did bring me my second highlight of the year though with Anonymous Scandinavia apparently recognising Suzie Dawson wasn't being straight with people and releasing this video.

Unfortunately a week later wrote "Is there anybody out there?" after yet another Twitter feud over people asking questions. Apparently in the Assange support community asking questions means you are a spy and gets you blocked instead of getting answers. This can be used as a basic test of who is trustworthy and who is not actually. If they block you for asking a respectful question, they aren't.

My studies continued until near the end of November with another forty one posts on French, Java, programming and Linux and then I decided I should release my own video using the open source editor Openshot highlighting some of the problems I had found with 1vs5I and why people should donate to it.

It wasn't a hit, but it was amusing to make and hopefully make a few more people take notice. There was even calls for a sequel which happened shortly afterwards with,"Suzie Dawson, “Attack of the Grifters”"

Slightly better done. At some point I will do a third (probably entitled Revenge of the Twit).

Shortly after that I read a post by a woman called Monika Karbowska called,"Julian Assange’s hearing on October 21st 2019". This was a glimpse into the courts unfiltered by the gatekeepers in the community and led to the posts, "Greek Emmy assaulting other activists?" and "One of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice" as well as some other translations of Monika Karbowska's visits to Westminster Magistrates Court for English speakers.

Finally, in an effort to legitimise herself Suzie Dawson started yet another website called Protect Suzie Dawson which basically spouts the same stuff in a different format. I briefly debunked some of it here.

In review

In review, most of my posts throughout the year have been Linux and software related but the really important things I think have been the posts asking questions and informing people about some of the dodgy goings on by leaders in the Assange support community and Internet Party. By page hits though my top posts have been,

1Updating KDE Neon
2Create, share, communicate, chat and call securely with Riot
3Buying a Linux Laptop in Europe – 2019
4Kmail setup
5Who is Suzie Dawson? Exile or Fraud.
6Suzie Dawson – The quick version!
7Free VPN with OpenVPN, KDE Neon and ProtonVPN setup
8Web development on KDE neon with XAMPP
9Suzie Dawson and the Whistle-blower
10Add local folder to Nextcloud Snap as External Storage

I am glad that seventy percent of them have been about free software. I wish that it had of been one hundred percent and hopefully by the end of next year it will be. Or perhaps not. There are problems in the community that need to be exposed and talked about and there are few people doing so. At which point I should say who my favourite new person of the year has been. That award goes to JimmysLlama for dogged perseverance to truth, asking questions and shining a light on corruption.

As such I think I will end this year with a quote from her,

Lol no, if you've followed my hard work you would know that literally nothing I've written has been positive or in favor of Julian. Nothing. And of course you don't think it achieves anything. Anyone scared of criticism, change, or losing power thinks that.


You can read more of her here.