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2048 - 2061 Boyle Village

masonbee Te Araroa

Another easy day and yet again it started off with rain. Due to the last couple of days of evening hungers (eg; repeated stories of what we would actually like to eat) it had been decided that we should get to Boyle Village and then hitch down to Hanmer Springs to get burgers and cheese and snacks and so on.....

This operation went surprisingly smoothly. A quick walk out from Boyle Hut. A lift from a farmer who was involved in the creation of horse trails......After about two hours. I am not the greatest hitchhiker.

So now we are sitting in Hanmer Springs. It seems to be perfectly timed as there is a weather bomb coming in tomorrow.

Hamner Springs is a strange place. Weather wise it doesn't seem to get the weather that the next door Wairau Valley gets. Person wise it is most definitely a tourist town. Filled with camper vans and happy people.

Mr Frodo and I had a soak in the hot springs, ate huge amounts, and I drank a bottle of Laphroaig (which is how I realised it tasted like the water from Slaty Hut).


  • Instead of resupply at Boyle Village, just go to Hamner Springs.
  • The accommodation at Boyle Village is nice.

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