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2061 - 2086 Hope Kiwi Lodge

masonbee Te Araroa

The visit to Hanmer Springs was well timed. It coincided with bad weather hitting the West Coast and Southern Alps. We ended up staying an extra day due to slips in the Lewis Pass. The next day we made our way back to Boyle Village to pick up our food box and stay at the Boyle Village cottage before heading to Hope Kiwi Lodge.

This morning we left the cottage and set off down the road in order to not have to cross the Lewis and Doubtful Rivers as they are still running high. There is another bout of weather coming in that might have slightly more rain in it than the last one. Who knows, we will sit it out and then try to continue on.

About 10km down the road is Windy Point which has a swing bridge and just as we made it to the other side two T.A. hikers, Lindsey and Alison, appeared going the wrong way. They had made it almost all the way to Arthur's Pass before having to turn back due to river levels and food growing shorter. This doesn't give me great confidence in our plan to sit out the weather but we do have 9 days worth of food so all should be well.

One the way we also passed another 6 people leaving the area.

On the bright side, Hope Kiwi Lodge is a really nice solid large hut with a fireplace and toilets so it isn't a bad place to spend a couple of days if that is what is needed.

The rain has begun.


  • Walking down to the bridge instead of crossing the river was a good idea.
  • Waiting out the storm was another good idea.
  • There is a bus that goes to the West Coast you can catch back to Boyle Village.
  • The woman at Boyle Village can also sell some supplies.
  • Woman offering wine can usually be trusted.

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