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2086 - 2104 Hurunui Hut

masonbee Te Araroa

The rain poured down all night and I thought that we would have to follow plan no. 1 and stay at Hope-Kiwi another day until the rivers had come down. Instead, in the morning, the rain had stopped so we set off for Hurunui Hut.

About an hour later the rain started again.

There was not a lot to see on the way to the hut. Lake Sumner was obscured by cloud and the rain was fairly constant. There was quite nice Beech forest though with not much undergrowth and vast amounts of moss.

The lake was high and some of the last part of the track was covered. We had to bush bash to get around it to the river flats in order to cross the footbridge. After that it was roughly 1/2 an hour to the hut where Mr Frodo performed his usual magic and lit the fire.

The rain stopped almost immediately. :)


  • Hurunui Hut is nice but the next hut (no.3) has a hot springs on the way to it.
  • The are trout in the river.
  • Although all these huts have fire, people very rarely set them up for the next person.
  • Always leave the fire set.

Hurunui Hut Map

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