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2194 - 2216 Harper Village Camp

masonbee Te Araroa

Last night was rather cold. I was almost tempted to get my thermals out but instead just ducked my head inside the sleeping bag. The morning wasn't much warmer. Although this didn't deter the 100 or so sandflies on the outside of my tent.

On the bright side of things we were soon walking towards the light and the track had improved. Eventually turning into a rough 4WD track that crisscrossed back and forth over the river.

Second breakfast was to be held at Mirror Tarn but it was a little disappointing and dark so we found a patch of sunlight by the river and had it there. Mildly glad we didn't go to Hamilton Hut as there were a lot of people there last night.

After that, it was more river crossings with the valley slowly widening out and becoming more spectacular. Grey scree covered mountains descending down into braided river bed and grasslands. And hot, very hot. But not enough to wish for rain.

The end of the day was at Harper Village Camp which, like a bad wine, will hopefully improve with age.

Fortunately the night improved due to the plotting of my fellow campers. They, for reasons left unexplained, had carried wine, cheese, and crackers for the last two days in order to make me a happy person. Thank you.


  • Some people do the nicest things.
  • Harper Village Camp isn't very nice. Maybe camp back up the valley and then head toward Lake Coleridge or Methven the next day.
  • Once you hit the farm track just before the lake it looks like it is easier to go left across to the road. It isn't.

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