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224 – 250 Paihia

masonbee Te Araroa

I have just realised that all my posts seem to start with some version of up at dawn so I am going to try and leave that out from now on.

Besides, that wasn't the case anyway.

Walked from Kerikeri to Paihia. Mostly though pine forest and emerging at the Waitangi Golf Course.

Thought about going through the Waitangi tour but the place was packed with tourists and having looked at the cafe I wasn't prepared to pay that much for food anyway.

And I was hungry so Ken and I (Ken is a multi trail hiker and has done the Alaskan, PCT, and Appalachian trails) got fish and chips in Paihia and then headed for the YHA to try and get some more people together to make our boat ride up the Veronica Channel to the next trail head a bit cheaper.

The boat doesn't leave until 4pm so this is almost a rest day.


  • Walking through the pine forest section can be tricky and the map doesn't show all the roads. Check your GPS.
  • Waitangi is expensive. It is this way as the government doesn't own it the local Iwi does and as such they have to pay for it as well.

Paihia Map

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