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2245 - 2255 A-Frame Hut

masonbee Te Araroa

Another easy day. The morning partly consisted of driving to the trail head on the other side of the Rangitata (it being uncrossable) via Methven to get them some supplies.

The start of our day was a mild shock for a number of reasons.

Silvan and I have way to much food. We had carefully planned eating Backcountry food every day so all the days we haven't are still in our packs when we hit the next pickup. This meant I had to give some away and Silvin is carrying 19 days worth of food.

Angelynn has got new poles and convinced me to try her old ones out on the way to Twizel. A strange experience. They are good for river crossings and steep parts. Fairly useless on the flat though. I am probably not using them properly.

The trail immediately went up and it was incredibly hot. We had lunch at the top and Mr Frodo's aluminium cooking gear partially melted.

On top of this A-Frame Hut is beautiful. Right beside a stream, fantastic views, and incredible weather have all added up to a general abandonment of walking for the day. Better luck tomorrow.


  • We were going to sleep outside but luckily we didn't as the wind was horrendous.
  • During the night we all made up stories until we fell asleep.

A-Frame Hut Map

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