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2255 - 2277 Double Hut

masonbee Te Araroa

Last night was amazing. At some point during the night the A-frame began to shudder as double strength gusts of wind ripped down the valley.

On waking I discovered my shoes had been blown away. The first was easily found but the second escaped me until Mr Frodo discovered it near the hut.

That was just the beginning of an interesting day.

About 5km down the track Angelynn appeared with one of my shoes. I had apparently failed to attach to my pack properly. I walked almost all the way back to the hut before I found the other one.

This meant that I only caught up with Angelynn and Mr Frodo at the next hut. Then we began a long journey up the Round Hill Creek to the saddle.

The trail wasn't the easiest. Occasionally wind would come down the valley that was so strong it whipped water off the top of the river and sprayed all in its path. I swear at one point I was pelted by small pebbles borne on the wind.

Also, my shoe laces decided they would constantly undo and, worse, I lost the top of a walking pole in the river (Angelynn had new ones and said I could have her old ones to see if I liked them).

Oh, and I forgot to charge my phone so no photos today either. This was especially a pain in the arse as the mountains were giant grey shingle peaks with tussock lands beneath them.

The final ignominy came upon reaching the hut when I discovered the Kindle had a cracked screen. Just not my day I suppose.


  • Sometimes things do happen in threes.
  • I wish I had of charged my phone.
  • Everyone has different walking speeds.
  • Don't forget things.
  • Double Hut has one of the better views on Te Araroa.

Double Hut Map

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