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2333 - 2373 Lilybank Road

masonbee Te Araroa

I have no idea why we walked so far today. We started at 7:30AM and reached Royal Hut at about 10:30AM to begin our ascent of Stag Pass. This was protracted but wasn't as bad as expected. It was windy at the top though so instead of walking the ridgeline, as so many had recommended, we followed the Te Araroa trail down into the valley until we reached Camp Hut at around 3:00PM.

I think I initially came up with the idea to keep walking in order to cut down on the long walk to Tekapo but Silvan wholeheartedly joined in. Before I knew it we were on the Two Thumbs track and had decided to keep going until Lilybank Road.

Two Thumbs track is amazing by the way. Over a terrace with mountains on one side and Lake Tekapo and the Southern Alps on the other.

We reached Lilybank Road at roughly 9:00PM and set up camp before the light fled.


  • The large walk had nothing to do with Angelynn being at Tekapo.
  • People always setup tents too close.
  • If you have a nice view someone will camp in front of it.
  • There is a place to camp just down the road from where Two Thumbs meets Lilybank Road as the foreshore is all owned by DOC.

Lilybank Road Map

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