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masonbee Te Araroa

I'm not completely sure what happened but some people we passed yesterday were going to Tekapo to ride bicycles to Lake Ohau with Angelynn.

They turned up shortly before dark with the plan to get up today at 5:00am to walk the last 16km before 10:00am when the bycicle arrived at Tekapo. A plan I point blank refused to consider after walking 40km.

We arose at 7:30am, a far more reasonable hour, and after roughly 200m of walking I suggested to Silvan that we should hitch to Tekapo and have a Zero Day. He said,"no" for maybe 30 seconds and then said,"hell, why not".

It is possible we expected it to take more that 5.5s to get a ride. None the less we were in Tekapo in record time at which point we decided that biking to Twizel possibly wasn't a bad idea.

This is why I am sitting outside a rather expensive motel, drinking a glass of Shiraz and cursing my knees. The cycle life is not for me.

But hell, we made it and it was an alternative in the notes. I rest my case, and knees. Also, I hope I don't see another bike for another 20 years.


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