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2501 - 2528 Timaru River

masonbee Te Araroa

Nice sunrise, long day.

We tried to get out early as there was a buildup of T.A. walkers at the river. Further up the valley we found out there was about to be a buildup of cyclists as well as the "Pioneer" bike race is on.

Angelynn wanted to take a slightly alternative route, basically ridgeline instead of valley, and I said I would join her. Good decision.

The first hill was fairly steep but we were entertained by the mountain bikers getting off and pushing their bikes. Angelynn was being very supportive, clapping and encouraging them, whereas I thought cries of,

"Your almost halfway there!"

...had a definite downside to them.

Once on top of the ridgeline things got considerably easier and we were treated to one landscape on one side of us and another on the other.

I also found a hat. It is a little to small for me (eg: I'm slightly bigheaded) but it works. The beard on the other hand is terrible. How do people deal with them? The hair in your mouth, the left over food... not for me I think. Which is a pity because I always wanted one. Perhaps another trim.

Silvin had gone the proper path and when we rejoined it we found an arrow on the ground with my name in rocks. I can see he is still confident in my navigation skills. :)


  • Alternate routes are good. That top path was incredible.
  • I think the TA keeps you off the tops due to weather.
  • A hat is a good idea.

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