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2600 - 2625 Roses hut

masonbee Te Araroa

It was a good idea to wait out the rain in Glendu as it nuked down. In the morning there was snow on the tops of the mountains as well.

The road out of Glendu was slightly more productive than the road in and in no time at all we were sitting at the top of Jack Hall pass being snowed on (gently) while eating lunch. Looking at the mountains ahead of us they seemed to be made of a collection of triangles placed together.

By the time we made it to the second hut it was still only 2:00pm so the decision was made to press on to Rose's hut. Actually, the decision was made to go to an alternate hut but when we got there it was someones crib. It appears the map was wrong.

Possibly this was a bit pushy and we never made it to the hut but instead camped at the bottom of the basin. That was fine the hut was full by all accounts anyway.

It should also be pointed out that our lateness had nothing to do with a certain shortcut. :)


  • Quite a few of the Maps are wrong in some way. The map is not the terrain.
  • Sometimes shortcuts don't work out.
  • The valley Roses Hut was in is beautiful.

Roses Hut Map

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