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2625 - 2648 Arrowtown

masonbee Te Araroa

This morning my tent was covered in frost and my towel was frozen. I, however, was toasty leading to a very late start. Well, probably that and the bloody great hill.

Rose's Pass took time, chocolate, jet planes, a snickers bar, and a litre or so of water. There is always a hill in the morning, there is always a hill at night.

After the ascent came a steep descent and then luckily I read the notes as we could just walk down the Arrow River which is a sparkly, mica laden, wonderland of clear cold water. I wish it hadn't of been so cold as I desperately wanted to swim in it.

It looks like people are still mining for gold up here as there was a digger on the side of the river where the track meets it.

This cut considerable amounts of time off my journey. The river, not the digger. Well, that and a lift from a Volkswagen dealer through the Arrowtown gorge.

So, here I am in Arrowtown. A large Asian town in Otago. It looks that way anyway. Must still be Chinese new year. Managed to find a campsite though.


  • Always read the notes.
  • Book in advance if it is peak season.
  • Eventually you look at hills in terms of food. If I eat a snicker bar 10 minutes before the bottom and then some jet planes halfway up, it will be easy. It works if you time it right.

Arrowtown Map

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