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2681 - 2708 Mararoa River

masonbee Te Araroa

Still fairly lethargic today. The scenery has changed slightly so that is good.

At one point we met a German man coming the other way who exclaimed that the track was very swampy. Perhaps he was right but it seemed no worse than the rest of the Greenstone Track.

Eventually I gave in and  we camped outside a shearers hut. By the look of it, it was owned by the same crowd as the last one. Nice position, great views, many bottles. Also, a long drop.

I dug a small drain behind the tents to fend of any rain that might come as it is already a bit swampy at the back of the hut. Better than having to do it in the night.

There are so many sandflies here. They coat the outside of the tent and make getting out of it very hard to do. Meal times only.


  • The South Island has mud but, compared to the North Island, it is special mud.
  • There are lots of huts that seem used but I don't know who owns them or if you are supposed to use them.
  • Sandflies appear to be attracted to darker colours.

Mararoa River Map

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