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303 - 337 Ngunguru 

masonbee Te Araroa

Today was a lesson in carefully reading my trail notes. It started out as an easy day with all the routes adding up to roughly 24km but unfortunately I had failed to add in the other 10km of road walking so here I sit, blearily looking at my cell phone trying to remember the day. It's not going to happen.

OK. The were some ups and downs, beaches, rich people's house's, a kiwi sanctuary, a pine forest, two hamburgers, two hot dogs, and four ciders.

Also Ngunguru is pronounced Ngun-gu-ru...against all rhyme or reason. Surely it should be Ngu-ngu-ru? Let's just throw the rule book out the window shall we?

There was also a rather large Kauri called Tane Moana. Sorry, no photo. It was just to big to even think about trying.


  • Curiously, I still can't remember that day. Considering we were low on water the day before. This might be the after effects.
  • In Ngunguru we had to wait for the tide yet again to get to James place across the water.
  • You can walk around the heads after the Ngunguru Estuary but I have heard it isn't all that great.
  • Since then I have talked to someone who said the walk around the heads was fantastic.....go figure.

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