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386 - 409 Ruakaka Reserve Motor Camp

masonbee Te Araroa

Today began with its ups and downs. Up 857 (Ken said 811. I lost count) steps to the trail from Peach Cove Camp and then over the seemingly infinity numerous steps on Bream Head. So many steps.....

On the bright side there were maybe 20 Moreporks last night, a couple of Kaka, and some Rails I think. I am still yet to hear a Kiwi.

Also the Nikau on Bream Head have wider bases so perhaps the Kaka are reseeding them there from the Barrier.

After the steps we travelled around bays until we reached the end point of the trail and called our "contact" to take us over. But we had gone to far so we short cutted a kilometer or two and met Duncan at Ruatahi Bay.

A quick drive on his International tractor and then a short ride in the boat and we had made it to the other side. All for $20.

Marsden Point is ...well Marsden Point....but Bream Bay was rather nice and absolutely covered in seashells.

Unfortunately, my left foot was a little under the weather so we only made it just past the liquor store in Ruakaka to the Motor Camp where they have given us $60 rooms for  $20 because we are TA walkers.

So now we sleep.....


  • There is a decent toilet at the end of the Bream Head track.
  • There is a dairy that wasn't in the notes on trail at Taurikura Bay.
  • Read the map. We walked a long way because I didn't, and then we had to walk back again.
  • Angelynn did the tour at Marsden Point and said it was quite interesting.
  • If you do the estuary avoidance walk around. There is a bank, takeaways, the corner of Peter Snell and Marsden point roads.
  • Watch out for the bird lady when crossing the estuary at Ruakaka. She will be the one yelling at you for standing on nests.

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