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485 - 515 Puhoi Track

masonbee Te Araroa

Bit of a slow start today working our way along ridgelines and valleys through the Dome Forest. Along the way we met up with three other hikers. Laura from USA, Georgi from Italy, and another Ken from Australia.

Foremost on all our minds was reaching the Dome Cafe which we managed to do by about 1pm.

Hikers are funny things when we descend on takeaways. The feeding frenzy was prodigious. I restrained myself to 2 Vs, 2 coffees, 1 panini with salad, and a large slice of bacon and egg pie.

Luckily weight gain will not be a problem. I believe I have already lost 7kgs whilst eating like a maniac. This diet will continue.

We made camp shortly after the start of the Puhoi Track. It wasn't the greatest camp site. But it wasn't the worst. Luckily I was carrying a bit of water because the last stream we crossed didn't look very appetising.


  • You can fairly much eat what you want on the trail.
  • You crave food.
  • Once you get past the Dome Cafe and down the hill there isn't really anywhere to camp until the pine forest.
  • Starting off early is good. It gives you time to get places before the heat of the day sets in.

Puhoi Track Map

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