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515 - 547 Orewa

masonbee Te Araroa

I had forgotten what possums sound like.....

It's strange how close you can camp to someone else an not know it. It wasn't until later on that we found Laura and Georgi had camped only a couple of hundred meters back from us.

It was an easy day anyway and my last for a couple as I am skipping Auckland and resting out at Bethells for a few days before continuing on.

Basically today was a race for the Puhoi Pub. In some cases to be there in time for kayaking, in others because we walk faster when there is beer and food ahead of us. I'll let you guess which category I fit into.

We all ended up in Orewa eventually anyway, whatever our path.


  • Possums aren't scared of hikers.
  • Taking the road to Puhoi instead of the track will take you past the Puhoi Cheese Factory and Cafe.
  • The Kayaking and the walk around the cliffs to Orewa is also tide dependant. Doing it on the outgoing tide is better.
  • Walking the road to Orewa isn't any fun.
  • The next tidal part is Okura Estuary. Ken got a taxi around it instead of waiting all day for the tide and it cost $70. Probably worth it.

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