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684 - 719 Mercer

masonbee Te Araroa

Long day and heavy pack but worth it. The track to Lyons road was especially interesting with supple jack everywhere, fallen trees, and a touch of mud.

Didn't make it to Mercer until about 5:30pm and I was pretty damn buggered by then. I was greeted by a woman waving madly at me and smiling who turned out to be one of the owners of Podges Place who have free camp sites for TA walkers.

They are doing quite well at it to and by my 3rd bottle there were 10 of us. Then came pizza, the obligatory political conversation with some American hikers, and for me at least sleep.

It is raining and I am very glad to have already done the last track.


  • When you start the track you will go up through the bush until the top of the ridge. The view is the first photo. Look to your left for the track. A couple of people went down the road in the photo and then had to come all the way back up.
  • Sometimes the tracks are pretty bad. Look at the second photo.
  • Make sure you don't have things sticking out of your pack. My tent would catch on vines until I repacked it vertically. Very annoying.
  • It's a long way to Mercer. Stick with it. You'll get there eventually.
  • The cheese shop at Mercer is supposed to be very good.

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