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745 - 799 Hamilton

masonbee Te Araroa

Set out from Rangiriri and it was more stop bank walking beside the road so after 5kms or so I decided to try and catch up to Ken.

I walked out to the road and stuck my thumb out and after about 5 vehicles a van stopped. We headed off towards Huntly and I was just explaining that I was trying to catch up to someone (and no I wasn't German, and yes I was aware I look slightly scruffy) when the driver said,"Is that him" and pointed to Ken walking up the road drinking a cup of coffee. It was that easy.

Ken and I decided that because the track to Ngaruawahia was closed we should skip the road walking and catch the bus there and then continue onto Hamilton.

The walk wasn't great at the start but then became a nice cycle way travelling alongside the Waikato through park like surroundings into the central city. All in all I like it. Hamilton, at least the parts I saw, has a nice vibe. Especially since it was a Sunday.

The backpackers we stayed at wasn't so good though, so after checking the weather we resupplied and will walk to the base of Pirongia and try it tomorrow (as long as the weather isn't too bad).


  • I don't like stiles.
  • I don't like walking along through a rough paddock ten meters from the road.
  • Ngaruawahia is an interesting town. Check out its history.
  • The river walk to Hamilton is good but watch out for bikes.
  • You can probably tell from the last couple of posts that people don't generally take pictures in the rain.

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