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847 - 898 Waitomo

masonbee Te Araroa

The assent of Pirongia may have been wet but the descent set a new record for low speed at under 1km/hr.

Apart from the water, mud, and roots systems it was very nice though with moss covered trees and ....well, more moss covered trees. Hard to explain really. Maybe an underwater miniature of Fangorn Forest will suffice.

At one point I looked back at Ken and it looked like he was standing at the end of a green waterfall. Occasionally I could hear him yelling,"This isn't a track!" but with more swearing.

We made it out by 1pm and headed towards SH39 in order to get to Waitomo without taking the risk of being trapped mid-route by the incoming weather.

No photos were taken during this journey so here is one of my socks drying. It will have to suffice.


  • People don't take pictures in the rain. This is why travel photos look nice.
  • There are little wooden walkways in the mud. Don't assume it's solid earth at the end of them.
  • Keeping moving is keeping warm.
  • Check your boots before hitchhiking.
  • If it is raining Waitomo will be packed as all the people from Tongariro go to the caves.

Waitomo Map

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