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957 - 985 Bog Inn

masonbee Te Araroa

I suppose this starts from under a Totara tree but it ends at the Bog Inn hut so all is well.

Last night was incredibly windy. My tent was tied to the fence though so it took it quite well.

We packed up quickly after waking and just started walking towards DOC headquarters at Pureora Forest intent on making breakfast in less roadside surroundings.

That being done, we started up Pureora and summited it a couple of hours later. Even though it was hazy I could see the mountains in the distance!

At the base of Pureora is the Bog Inn hut famous for....well, I don't know why but it is famous to me anyway. From a distance it looks like it is made out of some sort of plastic wood. This is because of multiple coats of paint. Inside it is very nice, if a little rustic.

There was a guy there from Switzerland who was doing Te Araroa as well. He was already collecting wood which is quite hard in a bog. Eventually we had enough for a fire.

Unfortunately Ken wanted to keep going as it was still quite early so I will have to catch him up in Taumarunui.


  • Bog Inn is aptly named.
  • You need a Silvan to start a fire.
  • Sometimes you meet people and next thing you know you have walked 1000km with them.

Bog Inn Map

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