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A list of long distance hiking documentaries

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Since doing Te Araroa in New Zealand I have been interested in trail videos and documentaries. Not so much the big budget ones but instead the ones done by hikers. So I thought I should put together a bit of a list of them to make the search a little bit easier for others. I suppose starting to look at the next journey is what people do after finishing the last one.

If you have favourites that I have missed, please put them in the comments and I will add them in. I have to say my favourite is still Cookie and Paul walk from Mexico to Canada but there are other pieces of gold in here, sometimes well edited and sometimes not. Enjoy :)

Appalachian Trail

Arizona Trail

Camino de Santiago

Continental Divide Trail

Eastern Continental Trail

John Muir Trail

High Route Pyrennes


Pacific Crest Trail

Te Araroa