Aotea/Great Barrier Island Local Contacts and Links

Medlands Beach, Great Barrier Island

A list of local businesses, groups, trusts, and other handy people who live on Aotea/Great Barrier Island at the entrance of the Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand. Please support them as it allows them to continue to live on the Island. As an example, using a local shop to buy your food directly benefits people …

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Object-Oriented Programming with Java, part I – Exercise 59

This program asks the user for multiple words and then prints them out in reverse order when an empty string has been inserted. My Code Model Code Comments I am obviously out of practice. Although my code works fine the model code uses the condition true for the while loop and then an if statement …

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Algorithms – Chapter 4

Introduction Mathematical intuition The logic of everyday life. (Common sense) It is easy to see that some human problems cannot be solved by mathematics. For example compare involvement and its counterpart,“If it rains, I take my umbrella.”“If I don’t take my umbrella, it doesn’t rain”Or the argued conjunction,“I don’t take my umbrella, so it doesn’t …

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