Learning French in Paris, Leçon 7 – 5

Respond to the questions like the example Question “Où est la Tour Eiffel ?” Réponse “C’est en France, a Paris.” Question Où est la Grande Pyramide de Guizeh ? Réponse Question Le Golden Gate Bridge, où est-ce que c’est? Réponse Question Le palais du Potala, c’est ou? Réponse Question Où est la statue de la […]

Whalebird – A good Mastodon client

If you are looking for a good client for Mastodon on KDE neon then Whalebird is an Electron based Mastodon and Pleroma client for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s quite good and looks a little like the Slack UI. The website can be found here. To install Whalebird on KDE neon go to the website […]

Install KFind for improved file search

KFind is a standalone search tool from KDE. It has finer grained search than the default search in Dolphin (the file manager) and it just seems to be better at finding files. To install KFind in KDE neon, open Konsole and type, Enter your password and the program will install. After installation you can find […]

Install the True Type core fonts for better web browsing

In 1996 Microsoft decided to create a pack of core fonts for the Web. Unfortunately there were propriety restrictions on the fonts restricting their distribution. Microsoft terminated the project in 2002 but many websites still default to these fonts if the one used is not available so it is handy to have them installed. The […]

Tourism complaints website

While wandering up the road today I came across two girls standing at the cross walk while a man on a rickshaw trying to get them to take up his services, not forcibly but incredibly annoyingly. They stood at the cross walk while the man yelled from behind us and I cracked a joke to […]