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Ban Trump plugin

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In a lot of ways the title says it all. Whether you love him or hate him Donald trump has been spectacularly successful at getting himself in the media. In fact the media have focused on him so much that they have failed to focus on other important things. The ban Trump plugin would work to fix this, and provide a little relief, by blocking any articles mentioning Trump or with his picture in them. Perhaps there could be different levels.

  1. Ban everything to do with Trump.
  2. Ban pictures and replace with alternate names.
  3. Allow text but not video and pictures.
  4. And so on.....

In this way the world could work together to ignore the weirdness that has been foisted on the world by the American voting system and is continually thrust into our lives by the media in search of ratings. It could even move onto other fixtures of the media so people could ban the Kardashians and/or Stephen Colbert.

Which sort of leads to a possible problem. In a world where nobody has to look at things they don't like, who is going to get angry enough to do anything about them. The Ban Trump plugin would be in fact be creating the perfect bubble which, if you think about it, is how we ended up with the Ban Trump plugin in the first place.

Ban sign

The images used are not real and are actually an image by Matt A.J. used under CC BY 2.0 with a bit of colouring in GIMP and a ban sign from Wikipedia. I know, so realistic.