Benjamin Cooney

Ben Cooney was a short lived candidate for the Internet Party in the 2017 Election. His bio read,

“Hi, my name is Ben. I’m a 39 year old 6th generation New Zealander. I adore the Internet Party’s ideology and futuristic, proactive vision of updating New Zealand. Currently we are in the last phases of the failed neoliberal experiments of the last 30 odd years. I see that this has crippled our innovation, our people and our country. I stand for open source media and communications. I aim to open up our channels of media away from the corporate stranglehold that stifles informed debate and silences our unique and progressive collective voice. We must have the ability to hear our voices, music, art and culture and export it to the world and at the same time forge our unique and diverse identity as we move further into the 21st century.”

Ben Cooney candidate bio

But he never went anywhere as far as I can tell and wouldn’t even be mentioned except for something I found out tonight. He appears to be the person who called Penny Bright an SIS informant in a video that was later used by Suzie Dawson to smear Penny.

He is also, presumably the Redstar mentioned in Suzie Dawson’s, A Diary of a Person of Interest which means that he had connections to Suzette going back years.

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4 thoughts on “Benjamin Cooney”

  1. Assuming this is Benjamin Cooney.

    I prefer public written conversations actually. If you disagree with something I have written then say so, preferably with why and some evidence. To much of this gets done behind closed doors. If you have something to say about your part in this then spit it out.

    You are referenced by Dawson in multiple parts, not in the least with her “assassination attempt” and you are also referenced by the late Penny Bright as having tried to smear her as an SIS agent with Dawson.

    Now we have Suzie Dawson who after apparently lying to the public about her financial situation proceeded to side track the Internet Party away from New Zealand and the GCSB (You were on the executive at the time, weren’t you?) while getting $60,000 in personal donations using the party’s title and imagery.

    The foundation of all of this is that Suzie Dawson was a big enough pain in the ass to the security services that they tried to assassinate her multiple times and tracked her around the world…..all without any proof. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and you appear to be an integral part of it. So really, if you have something to say then do so, either for or against, because we have an election year coming up and if Dawson is still part of the Internet Party all this stuff is going to come frothing out at some point and as far as I can see you aren’t just peripherally involved.


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