Install KFind for improved file search

KFind is a standalone search tool from KDE. It has finer grained search than the default search in Dolphin (the file manager) and it just seems to be better at finding files. To install KFind in KDE neon, open Konsole and type, Enter your password and the program will install. After installation you can find […]

Install Nextcloud Client on KDE neon

Nextcloud is a personal cloud storage solution which allows you to be in charge of your data unlike Google and others. The Nextcloud Client is the program installed on your computer that allows you to sync a folder and Nextcloud. This allows you to be able to add to or obtain the files in that […]

Manage Passwords with KeePassX

If you want to manage passwords on KDE neon a good place to start is with KeePassX. It’s a great program to create and store all your passwords in and it isn’t hard to create a system to make your passwords available on all your devices. To install KeePassX on KDE neon open up Konsole […]

Virtual Box

Virtual Box is a virtualization product which allows a user to run another operating system inside their current one. For instance, while using KDE Neon you could start Virtual Box and then start an instance of Windows 10, CentOS or BSD (or all of them at the same time depending on the power of your […]